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Digital Growth is exciting but overwhelming

Help me get closer to my customers

You know customers will fuel your growth if you can add value to them using technology. The problem is you don’t know how. You aren’t alone – I remove the uncertainty and get you closer to your customers

“Digital customer journeys” – explain!

You know customers are interacting with you online but you don’t have a full picture of their digital experience. Mapping customer journeys helps identify what’s working and what’s not so you know where to invest time and resources

Shifting to a unified outcome-driven business sounds hard

Investing in digital is investing in the future growth of your business. But knowing how to invest is hard if you aren’t clear on your goals and measures of success. I partner with you as you make the shift from task-based outputs to results-oriented outcomes

Reduce the overwhelm to focus on opportunities

Working with me is awesome – you’ll love the results of us working together

Customer value = business value

Generating value for customers is great for business

Build understanding and empathy of customer problems then explore potential opportunities. By focusing on what customers need they’ll keep coming back and they’ll send others your way

Together we will:

Unlock the secret to your digital growth – customers

Build your confidence on the principles, behaviours and tools you need to get to know your customers

Empower you and your teams to engage customers on a continuous basis

Inspire you to prototype ideas and rapidly gather feedback

Gain a helicopter perspective

It’s easy to be blinkered, solving a problem in isolation without looking at the bigger picture. I’ll remove the blinkers to give you a holistic perspective. Step one is thinking about your digital capabilities and journeys as customers experience them; end-to-end or start to finish.

Together we will:

Map out the online/offline customer journey

Understand customer motivations before they’ve engaged with you

Evaluate ‘moments’ in the journey – moments of delight and moments of despair

Identify the quick and not-so-quick wins

Make your investment in digital payback

You are investing in digital to grow. Growth is based on the impact created, not based on the tasks completed. I’ll challenge you to think differently by prioritising outcomes over outputs.

Together we will:

Craft a clear and compelling vision for the future

Develop a strategy to direct effort towards the vision

Get clear on your business goals

Create digital goals focused on results and aligned to business goals


“Nick was pivotal as a digital product consultant and coach in growing my own product capabilities and confidence

I felt more equipped as a product-driven founder and CEO after working with him”

Jon Chapman

Co-Founder and CEO Digihome

“I loved working with such an amazing product professional

Nicks coaching substantially improved the teams’ product discovery and prototyping capabilities, and my own product mindset”

Marta Ros Urrutia

Digital Product Director Adevinta
“Nick guided the development of our product strategy and coached on continuous product discovery

His ability to coach engineers so effectively is one of his greatest strengths!”

Fernando Barbeiro Campos

Software Development Manager AWS

“Nick was skilled in creating psychological safety and space for me to be myself.

Reflecting in this space, I gleaned the most valuable insights about myself – as a person, and as a product leader”

Susana Cuesta Diaz

Senior Product Director Abcam
“Nick quickly grasps complex problems, facilitating ideation and solution generation through collaboration

Nick helps teams focus on the customer value and business impact of what they build”

Tony Balbin

Product Designer Free Now

“Nick and I worked together in a start-up, developing hypothesis-led concepts and prototypes

Nick’s iterative approach mitigated risk by focusing on testing risky assumptions early through customer insight and usability testing”

Sia Georgieva

Product Lead Keebo

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stories matter

Stories Matter is a product and culture transformation business. Partnering start-ups and SMEs, to grow their digital capabilities and develop their cultures

I’m Nick Jemetta, a multi-passionate founder with 10+ years experience in product development and product management. I’ve developed, launched, grown and optimised digital products to solve customer problems – generating £millions in profitable revenue

I blend this experience with my expertise in wellbeing, mindset, leadership and culture change to deliver meaningful, sustainable outcomes for my clients and their teams. I focus first on the people, then on their professions

I’d love to collaborate with you to craft extraordinary digital products and experiences built by a bunch of awesome human beings

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